Ship Supply Services

Aruo Maritime offers ship supply services and is reputed for prompt and timely response to clients request.

Time and money are key considerations for ship Masters, owners and operators. That’s why ARUO MARITIME SERVICES created its Ship Supply Service (SSS) to provide the most efficient way to exchange officers & crew and deliver spares & provisions to vessels, without requiring them to divert from their course or stop. Using fast, air-conditioned supply and crew launches, ARUO MARITIME SERVICES operates round-the-clock from SSS bases in Nigeria.


All our Ship Supply staff and crew are well trained and experienced. They conduct regular drills and undergo rigorous training on incident handling including spills, collisions, medevacs, grounding and fire.


We supply equipment such as Parts of Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine, Oil Compressor, bearing pairs, heat exchangers, fresh water generators, Turbo Chargers, Hydraulic pumps& motors, anchors, chains, fire fighting equipment, communication / navigation equipment & automation items, deck equipment, other cosmetic fittings, etc.

Our Mission Statement

“To be among the leaders in the economic, environmental and social aspects of Marine Services Provision; first choice for our customers, employees, society and future generations”