Bunker Fuel

Coordinating Marine Fuel enquiries to the point of supply is streamlined when you have close relationships and physical contacts of the ARUO MARITIME SERVICES LTD.

ARUO MARITIME SERVICES LTD (AMSL) is your focal point to ensure all essential factors of a bunker nomination are taken care of We listen to our customers and nurture personal relationships, focusing on their individual needs to secure the best possible deal for each individual client. .


Aruo Maritime Services Limited offers bunkering for vessels around the West African Waters, We ensure that our bunkering operation is carried out with strict adherence to the pre-drawn “checklists”, This is in line with Aruo Maritime Service’s safety management system (SMS) and I.S.M., intended to eliminating the possibility and negligence of human and other operational errors.


Our Mission Statement

“To be among the leaders in the economic, environmental and social aspects of Marine Services Provision; first choice for our customers, employees, society and future generations”