Aviation Support Services

Aruo Aviation Support is a reliable flight support company, providing aviation fuel supply and  a full range of flight support services to aircraft operators in business, commercial and military aviation sectors that operate Nigeria and International.

Aviation Fuel Supplies

Being a major player in the energy sector of the economy via our subsidiary company, enables fuel sales at competitive prices to our customers at any destination airport anywhere in Nigeria and the entire West African region.  Our flight support team provides immediate quotes for any volume of jet or aviation fuel.

Bulk SupplyBesides into plane sales at airports anywhere in Nigeria, Aruo Aviation Services can also offer bulk fuel supply to airports, drummed Jet and Aviation gas fuel supply delivery required by clients.

Travel Support Services

Aruo Aviation Travel Services division assists clients in meeting their travel requirements to and fro Nigeria, various countries in Africa, and many destinations worldwide.

Our travel services include:

  • Crew and travel industry rates at hotels
  • Airline arrangements and tickets for positioning crew
  • Visa consultation
  • Sourcing of substitute aircraft
  • Car Hire Reservations
  • Transfers & VIP Services
  • Aircraft Charter Sourcing
  • Safari Tours and Packages
  • Leisure and Corporate travel arrangements
  • Travel Insurance

Foreign Exchange Services can also be arranged

Aircraft Management

Operating an aircraft can be very complicated and expensive. The procedure of crewing, maintenance and operating regulations often brings a  lot of challenges.

Aruo Aviation takes away the hassle and stress of managing an aircraft so that you can enjoy the benefit it provides.

We have the infrastructure and technical expertise to support and manage any type of aircraft.  We organize all of the maintenance that the aircraft requires, identify and train crew to airline standards and deal with all of the administration associated with the operation of your aircraft.

By operating a fleet of aircraft, we are able to negotiate preferential rates for insurance, handling fees and consumables such as fuel. Having a pool of pilots also ensures that a highly-trained crew is available at short notice.

Additionally, should you be willing to allow us to charter your aircraft when you are not using it, we can generate an income from charter using our Air Operators Certificate. First, our expert commercial team will work with you to develop a marketing plan for your aircraft which is tailored to ensure the aircraft flies as much or as little as you want. Second, we will use our extensive network of contacts throughout the aviation world to optimise the charter returns on your aircraft. This charter income can be used to reduce your net cost of aircraft ownership.

We offer complete transparency to our aircraft owners. Through an online connection to our flight management software, you are always informed of the movements of your aircraft. You will also receive monthly statements, tailored to your specification, detailing all income and expenditure relating to your aircraft. Every invoice is made available electronically for review.